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Rosters - updated 10/26

Add to your roster here.

View your roster here. Password is required to view this.  Team managers have been sent password. 

  • Your roster will be due no later than 11/1.  Limited changes will be allowed between 11/1 - 11/5.  No adds after 11/3, 11:59pm PST. 
  • ​You may only have 20 players on your roster when rosters close on 11/6, 9pm local time.
    • ​​The system will allow you to enter more than 20 players.  I am aware sometimes you have last minute drops  and it is a scramble to get the new player in before the deadline.  I would recommend you recruit a few additional players if you have flakes on your team.  Add them to your roster, everyone on the roster will be sent a waiver, they complete it, and then everyone is ready to go on that level.  You can clean up the roster in time for the 11/6 deadline as needed. It is way easier to just email me to delete someone than 24 prior to the event you are scrambling and begging me to make and exception to change out a player and or stand around registration trying to get them to text you their ID and then sign the waiver.... you all have been there, you know what I am talking about.  Let's not play that game anymore. Just add a few more players (a few, not a half dozen) and prior check in I will make sure you don't exceed 20. 
  • If you need more info on how to complete the roster, questions about names getting disappearing, playing on 2 teams, you entered your info wrong, or what info is required click here.
  • To delete someone from the roster email us here.  I ask you please, if possible put all your removals in a single email, at least until we start sending waivers.  


I am unsure there will be one on Friday Night. Stay Tuned!  When I have the answer, it will magically appear here.

  • If there is a Friday Check in it would be between noon and 7pm at or near the fields. 


Each player will be issued a new wristband each morning.  Wristbands will be issued to the team manager upon completion of the daily screening waiver.  Once we have your teams approved screening questioner we will give you your wristbands.  These are specific to the day.  At the end of your last game each day you may remove and toss your wristband as a new (different) one will be issued the next day.  Specifics on this process will be released to team managers prior to the event. 


Anyone NOT listed on a team roster will need to be registered with tournament official to gain access to the fields.  All spectators (anyone not on a team roster) will be required to complete (and pass) the covid questioner screening, temperature check, and must sign release waiver, to be given access to fields.  

  • Spectators are to remain 6ft distance from anyone on the sideline they do not reside in a household with.
  • Spectators will be required to follow all safety precautions as listed at fields and on the waiver when registering as a spectator.
  • One spectator per registered player will be allowed. If you have 20 rostered players, you may have 20 registered spectators. Children count towards this number.
  • Each spectator will need to complete a Covid-19 waiver and screened at the field prior to being given credentials to enter the field pod.  Just like players, each day the spectator will need to complete the screening questioner to gain access that day. 
  • Spectators WILL NOT be able to register as a spectator until day of the tournament. 
  • Spectator will use QR code at the fields to access waiver to gain access.  Once the waiver has been completed they can visit onsite tournament staff to obtain that days credentials to gain access to the fields. 
    • Will need a smart phone or tablet with internet/data to complete this task.  There WILL not be shared tablets provided for this.  
  • Home team is to occupy the west sideline.  Away team to occupy the East sideline.  Spectators are to stay with the team they are linked to at all times. 
  • Bringing children under 18 is highly discouraged at this event.  Children (anyone under 18) must remain with their parent at all times.  Children count towards spectator limits.
  • There will be no access to the fields to anyone not registered with the event.    
  • 100% no dogs, or animals of any kind in the field pods.  This is always a rule at this park.


If you aren't actively playing on the field, then YOU MUST HAVE IT OVER YOUR NOSE AND MOUTH at all times while on property unless in your car.  NO, if's and's or but's about it.  You aren't wearing a mask you must leave.  


  • Teams must provide their own hand sanitizer.  There will also be several throughout the complex.  There really is almost nothing to touch so that is kind of a bonus. 
  • There will be sanitizer spray at each field for the goal posts. Referee will spray them down between games.  Goalie to spray at change of sides.
  • Teams are responsible for bringing multiple balls to have sanitized and ready for use.  It is the players choice when they want to change balls out.  
  • All gates into the field pods will be open, do not close them or touch them.  They are very wide; several are actually drive through so there is no reason touch them.  These will be sanitized periodically throughout the day. 


The James Regional Sports Complex is for tournament use only and you must be a permitted event to use this facility.  The fields are not open to the public at any time.  The public is allowed on the communal walkways, playground, splash pad, and any other non fenced areas.  

Each soccer field is located inside a "field pod".  Fields 1-2-3, share a pod, Fields 4-5-6 share a pod, Field 11 is in it's own independent pod, and Fields 12&13 share a pod.  

  • ONLY registered team players and spectators will be allowed in the fields.  See above about spectators.
  • Field entrances will be on the south side of the field only.  Must have proper issued tournament credential to enter.
  • Field exits will be on the north side of the fields only.  
  • We have several videos of this sports complex on our website, click here to see the park layout and field pods. 


  • We are required to enforce foot traffic flow rules.  There will be specific entrances and exits to each field.  Specifics on this are to come.  A map and the directional flow will all be clearly marked on the map.  We won't have this for a while but it doesn't matter at this moment anyways.  You only need if for when you get here, and it will be posted days before it all starts.  
  • Please don't make things difficult for us or put us in jeopardy of not getting these fields again because nobody can enter through the "entrance" and exit through the "exit". We are being required to do this and have them all clearly marked.  Just please play along, I don't want them to give us any reason to have to shut down for dumb things. 
  • SIDELINES - Teams will need to stay in their designated sideline area while in the field pod.  


Teams will be designated sidelines for each game. 

  • Home teams will be on the West Sidelines
  • Away Teams will be on the East Sidelines.  
  • Teams are to exit the field pods and leave their sideline spotless as soon as reasonably possible following the game.  We ask you vacate within 10 minutes so the referee can do a sidelines check prior to the incoming team taking possession of the area.
  • Teams will only be allowed to enter field pod 15 minutes before the start of the game.
  • No flags or items that need to be "staked" into the ground allowed.


State Guidelines require me to do everything I can to reduce the number of people in one area at all times.  I have to leave a minimum of 30 minutes between games to clear out the field of one team before the next can enter.  I have to stagger game times, so they aren't all starting and ending at the same time to reduce stagnant crowds.  I have to dictate an entrance and exit to each field so there is no crossing of teams, blah blah, blah.... With all that said this schedule is going to be a nightmare to put together.  In addition....

  • Games may start as early as 7am, I am going to do my best to avoid that, but it is what it is. 
  • Games will end no later than 8pm Saturday and 7pm on Sunday. (I don't anticipate it be that late on Sunday but until I have approvals from the state idk)
  • NO, you cannot make schedule requests!  I won't even respond to the ask.
  • Teams that won last year in November get to pick their game schedule... There is no way I can guarantee those times.  I will do my best to get as close to them as I can but as it is games will be starting on 3 different "shifts".  I have your times and I will work on it and contact you if there is a huge conflict.  
  • NO, I will not change a schedule so you can play on 2 teams.
  • NO, I do not know if this division and that division will play at the same time. 
  • NO, I do not know when the finals will be played.
  • Game schedule will be posted on 11/1.  Halloween is basically canceled so I shouldn't be hungover.... Kidding!  That is not why it won't be posted until then.  I do not post it until the week of because, I have run too many of these to know that I better do a sight check beginning of the week in case there are any bad surprises that would cause me to have to reconfigure the entire thing at the last minute after people made plans, which always results in some team getting screwed at no fault of my own.  If it is available earlier, I will post it earlier, but it WILL BE posted by 11/1 at noon PST at the latest.  


They are posted on the tournament page.  Changes may be made due to state regulated procedures but the game info is not expected to change.   


They are completely random.  All the divisions are also small so even if you play with 2 of teams in your group while at home there is a good chance, I can't avoid you playing them this tournament.  In a normal situation where i could have the usual 90 teams that would be different.  

  • Division groupings will be posted when the event is sold out.
  • We can still squeeze in a few more teams, see tournament page to register 


But seriously, I don't have answers to so many things at this point.  Every small detail relies on the answer to something that I can't answer right now.  Usually things are much easier to plan for but I don't know what i don't know right now.  Be patient and the answers will flow.  Focus on staying healthy and getting in playing shape. Keep checking back here as tasks will be completed on my end, answers will be added to the unknown, more questions as they arise will be added (with answers) as they come up.  

  • Mobile phone app- some users may need to go to top right of home page on the app, click three lines in blue, select app settings at the bottom, then click CHECK FOR NEW CONTENT, to see the updated info.  Some platforms have not been auto updating, as we work on this try the tip above to see the updated info. 

veterans weekend - team information


Please keep in mind the answers to all of these depend on State Approval.  As soon as we have answers back they will magically show up here so continue to check back.

​​Approvals are in and we are moving full speed ahead.   Rules have been updated, we will finalize any loose end specifics for spectators, check in, etc. by Monday.  Schedule will be published Monday.... Sit tight we have a ton to do in a VERY short time,  get your rosters completed so we can get the waivers out.  Let's do this!

Salina, Tournament Director

P.S... 99% of your questions are answered below, do not take it the wrong way if you ask 3 questions via email and I send you this link. It is the best way to make sure all the info is consistent and correct.  I have a lot going on and I cant keep everything memorized in my head. I use this same page to answer the questions:) 


Note to teams:

Updated 10/26



  • Waivers are per person, not team.  Each player must sign the waivers to play
    • The waiver will need to be signed no later than 9pm PST on 11/6 to play
    • # of teams you play on is irrelevant to the waiver.  You will only get duplicate waivers if you used two different email addresses to add yourself to two different teams.
    • Each player must have their own email address.  One person per email address, multiple family members cannot use the same email for this.
  • Waivers are not sent automatically.  It is a manual process for us so please BE PATIENT!  Some teams may get them all in the same hour, some may not.  Sometimes I send them out starting with the beginning of the alphabet, sometimes I send them when I am verifying ID's.... MY point is that if 80% of your team got them and you didn't just be patient.  It will be sent to you as I get to it.  EVERY SINGLE NAME on the roster will get the waiver by 11/3.  
    • Once we start sending waivers TEAM MANAGERS will have access to that info for anyone on the roster.  You will be able to view the date it was sent and the date it was completed.  Team managers can click here to view if waiver has been sent/completed.
    • If it says you have been sent a wavier, search that date in your email in the junk/spam folder.  It will say from Salina Pagan via Adobe Sign.  If you still cant find it THEN you email me and I will get on it.  
    • If you signed the waiver properly it will automatically email BOTH of us a copy.  Please DO NOT forward me a copy, I will already have it.  If you didn't complete it properly a reminder to sign it will be emailed every 24 hours until it is complete.  Not receiving a copy of the signed waiver in your email is a guarantee it was not completed.  Try again.
    • If you signed it and the roster is not showing it is complete double check the time on when the roster was updated vs when you signed it.  It is not an automatic feed, I must view it to verify you put your name correctly and signed it correctly before I will update the roster to show complete.  So again, please be patient.