Friendship Soccer Tournaments will be played under FIFA Rules as modified below stated changes and the additions adhered to:


  • All games will be considered as FINAL and NO Protest will be allowed
  • Games will be played in (2) 25 minute halves with 5 minute half time rest period
  • Unlimited substitutions 
    • substitutions are unlimited, for both teams, and allowed on all stoppages expect free-kick-restarts for fouls, offside and penalty kicks.
  • Referee's to keep a running clock.
    • time will not be stopped except for medical emergencies when ambulance on the field
    • players must sign online waiver by Friday 7pm to play
    • no changes/adds to roster after deadline listed on tournament page
    • NO CHANGES/ADDS at the fields
    • 20 players maximum
    • players name on roster must match legal ID, do not use nicknames
    • players DOB must match ID
    • rosters are due 10 days prior to tournament
    • Players may play on 2 teams max as the they are in separate divisions.
      • In the WFII tournament players cannot dual register on skill division teams.  One must be an age based division.  
    • player must play in at least 1 regulation game in order to participate in semi finals or finals!   
    • players age DOB on roster must match ID
    • players must upload copy of ID to roster form for automatic age verification
      • All we need is photo, legal name, DOB, and expiration date of ID, blur out any additional information  
    • Teams disputing validity of a players age can have players age verified before or at the half game. Team manager only is to approach ref and ask for age verification of player.  Player is to present ID along to match unaltered wristband with name and DOB.  
      • If the wristband and ID do not match player will be considered "Illegal Player" and your team will forfeit the remainder of the tournament for cheating and not allowed back following year.
    • game cards will be provided to referees by tournament staff
    • team manager/coach listed on roster are responsible for signing score card at the end of the game for correct reporting.  Be sure to double check score accuracy and team name accuracy
    • NO CHANGES will be made to scoring after cards are recorded
    • a player ejected for a red card violation will be suspended for remainder of that game AND the following game.  
    • it is the team managers responsibility to sit red carded player during next game.  Failing to do so will result in 1 point loss.
    • due to the severity of the red card ejection the tournament director has the right to suspend the player from the rest of the tournament and future tournaments 
    • player must provide referee their name.  In event the player or coach does not provide the ejected players name the tournament director can suspend the teams goalie at the next scheduled game.
    • any team that walks off the field of play during the match as a protest gesture will forfeit that game plus lose 3 points off the scoreboard
    • teams must be ready to compete at the assigned scheduled field/time unless otherwise noticed by tournament director personally regarding a change
    • there will be a waiting period of 10 minutes.  referee's will keep track of time.
    • late starting games due to waiting for a team to show will result in time lost (subtracted from first half)
    • team at cause of delay start will be penalized by 1 point.  referee to note on score card (coaches responsibility to verify at the end of that game)
    • all teams must have a minimum of 7 players on the field to begin
    • coed divisions starting with 7 players must have (3/4 or 4/3) female/male ratio
    • must have equal number (5/5) male/female players on the field (goalie excluded) unless playing short (4/5) due to red card.  
    •  6/4, 3/7, 2/8 is not allowed!
    • all players MUST have shin guards
    • all players must have unique numbers/letters on shirts/jerseys
    • Jerseys must all be same color 
    • matching shorts/socks not necessary (though we encourage fun and spirited uniforms)  
    • bring backup jersey as home team changes if opposing team has same color.
    •  Pinnys are available for $25 rental, deposit required.
    • hard sided braces must be wrapped for safety of others
    • released Monday prior to tournament
    • posted on mobile app & website, considered final 48 hours prior to start of games
    • changes to schedule made after start of tournament (i.e. due to circumstances beyond our control, injury, lightening...) will be updated at end of day on Saturday on our website/mobile app/facebook page.  rescheduled games due to these circumstances will be made up on Sunday.  Team manager will be notified via text/email.  
    • games will start at scheduled times as per game schedule. Example: if a 1:30 game is canceled due to lightening the next scheduled game (2:45) will remain scheduled to start at 2:45.  canceled game on day 1 will be rescheduled to day 2.
    • 6 points for win
    • 3 points for tie
    • 0 points for loss
    • 1 pt for every goal (max 3)
    • 1pt for shut out
    • max 10 points
    • games 1-3 forfeited will be scored 1-0 and will count as 8 points for the winning team (6 for win, 1 goal, 1 shut out) 
    • Game 4 forfeit (last preliminary game)
      • Team who’s 4th game was forfeited by opponent will receive 8 points, 3:0 (3 goals for, zero against)
      • all teams that have played against the forfeited team in preliminary games will have their score adjusted (reduced or increased) to 8 points.  Goal will remain the same.
      • Example:Team A forfeits against team B. Team B will automatically get 8 points, 3 goals for, 0 against.  Team C played against Team B in their second game and won 10 points, 3 goals for, 0 against, now Team C’s score will be reduced to 8 points, 3 goals will remain. Team D who played Team B in their first game had a score of 4 points, 1 goal for,  (it was a tie) will now have their score changed to 8 points, 1 goal remains.
    • Forfeit due to cheating
      • Teams that play a team that was removed for cheating will follow the forfeited scoring structure as shown above.  
    • refer to tournament specific rules for determination on which divisions have semi finals
    • team with most points in each group advances
    • divisions with 4 groups
      • highest scoring team in each group advances
    • divisions with 3 groups
      • highest scoring in each group and second highest overall groups advance
    • divisions with 2 groups
      • two highest scoring teams in each group advance
    • In the event of a points tie group winner will be declared based on
      • Goals For- team with most goals advance, if still tied then..
      • Goals Against- team with least goals scored against them, if still tied then...
      • Penalty Kicks of 5 alternating between teams, if still tied then...
      • sudden death, one penalty kick alternating between teams
    • Team with most points will be seed 1....If tied then
      • team that scored most goals at end of preliminary rounds, if tied then
      • team with least goals scored against them in preliminary rounds, if tied then
      • goal differential
      • coin toss
    • Once all 4 teams have been seeded the match up are:
      • Seed 1 vs Seed 4
      • Seed 2 vs Seed 3
      • if the 1st and 4th or the 2nd and 3rd seed come from the same group in their division they will be moved to the opposite seeding group to not play against each other again. 
    • games are played rain or shine and even in crazy winds.  
    • if lightening should be within 10 miles of fields the games will be immediately stopped and considered final.
    • Saturday games not started due to lightning will be rescheduled for following day.  shortened game schedules may apply. Sunday games canceled will be considered a tie. 
    • You are responsible for verifying the score on the game card at the end of each game with the referees.  
    • By signing the game card you are confirming that the referees marked the scores correctly on the game card.  Once the score is recorded on the scoreboards they will not be changed because you were not paying attention when signing the card. Do not wait until 4 hours later when scores have been posted as we will not make changes after the fact.
    • Requests need to be made through manager/coach listed on the roster only!!  
      • Teams wanting to change a game final time or like requests must be made by the listed coach/manager only.  We will not field requests by random players on the team for organization purposes.  



    Friendship Sports promotes gender inclusion by allowing people to self-identify. The gender that a player identifies with is considered that player’s gender. We reserve the right to ask for documentation that shows the stated gender is sincerely held and a part of a person’s core identity when registered in if foul play is suspected


  • Friendship Sports promotes gender inclusion by allowing people to self-identify. The gender that a player identifies with is considered to be that player’s gender.
  • See here for a great link we found (and use) on trans terminology.
  • ​Trans, genderqueer, nonbinary, and all other players who feel like a women’s division is appropriate for their participation, are welcome to participate.  
  • Transgender females are welcome in women’s competition on the basis their identity is sincerely held.
    • To clarify, Cis males (gender identity that matches the sex that they were assigned at birth) are not permitted to play in women’s divisions, all other gender identities are permitted and will be held to the standard of being a sincerely held identity.
  • Males, unless identified as Transgender male, are not permitted to play in female divisions designated play.
  • ​​For organizational purposes, the rules for our Coed divisions classify players either male-identified or female-identified. See rules for specifics.

GENERAL tournament rules

Rules vary per tournament.  Please see specific rules for the tournament you are inquiring about on that tournament page. 

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