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The following is a general outline of our roster process, each tournament may vary.  

We have designed the roster process so your players can add themselves or you can collect all their info and do it for them.  

*Rosters may not be available for your tournament until 60 days prior to your tournament.

Each tournament has it's own roster page.  See tournament page for roster submittal.

What information is needed for the roster?  

Full name as listed on drivers license, Date of Birth, Team Name, and Valid email address for each player, photo ID, roster photo (selfie type).  Please black out any additional information.

Where can I add to my roster?

Go to the tournament page you are registered for to start your roster.

  • 20 players max on roster.
  • Rosters will be closed and final 7 days prior to tournament start.  
  • The roster will let you add more than 20 but you must request we delete any extra players no later than the roster deadline for your event.

Photo ID upload required!

  • Each player will need to upload a copy of their valid drivers license for age verification.  The only person to see this will be the tournament director. All photos/personal data is deleted following the tournament. If you are playing in more than 1 tournament of ours you will have to do this for each tournament as we do not save your information. 
  • The only info we need on the license is the photo, full name, & DOB.  Black out additional information. See Sample below

What If players are listed twice on roster?

  • To remove someone use the change roster form

What If I entered info incorrect on the roster?

  • If you entered it wrong and realized it in the same few hours go ahead and add yourself again. We will assume the second entry is the correct one.
  • If you didn't notice it until a day or so later and have already signed the waiver please just email us the correction otherwise you will be sent another waiver and create redundancy of work for both of us. 

What if I am playing on 2 teams?

  • It is best, but not required, to just add both your teams at once.
  • If you are added to 2 rosters at separate times you will most likely get 2 waivers.
  • You CANNOT play on more than 2 teams.
    • Teams must be in different divisions. 
      • ​In Women's II - you can play on 2 teams as long as one of them is age based. 

Why does my name keep disappearing from the roster?

  • Players that had an invalid email will be removed
  • Players that do not meet age requirements will be removed
  • Players that upload a photo other than ID will be removed
  • Player is already listed on 2 teams

How many players can I have on my roster?

  • 20 Max
  • In coed divisions you don't need even male/female on roster but you do need even number on the field at all times. 

How long can we add or make changes to the roster?

  • You can add to the roster online until 5 days before the tournament
  • To delete someone from the roster you must email or text us a request to do so.  Include your team name, division, tournament (we run 5 a year so don't assume we will know which you are referring to), and players name.

Why do I need to complete my roster so early?

You don't need to complete it all in one sitting.. 

  • Each waiver is sent individually, and then has to be tracked and noted internally for completion. This is a manual process and takes a lot of time on our end.... 
  • We average 2,000 attendees per tournament weekend, the earlier the rosters are done the less last minute scrambling we need to stress over. 

Most rosters won't be open to start adding names to it until approximately 60 days prior to the tournament.

How do I view my roster?

30 days prior to the event the viewable roster will open.  Your team manager will be emailed a password to view your roster.  To get this password contact your team manager or email us with your request.  If your name appears on the roster we will email you the

password to view.  

Waivers will not be sent sooner than 30 days prior to the start of the tournament!

We use an online only waiver.  For most tournaments we will start emailing the waiver to each person on your roster within 96 hours of being added to the roster, starting 14 days prior to tournament.  For our spring tournaments this may vary as keeping track of players for 3 different weekends all at once can get confusing and creates more work than we need at the time. 

  • Players will NOT be sent a waiver if there are any errors with roster entry, i.e. missing ID, missing roster photo. All errors must be correct prior to waiver being sent.
  • The players full name as listed on ID must be listed on the waiver for us to accept it.

Why do i keep getting waivers, I already signed it?

  • You may not have completed the signing process correctly.  Once it has been signed and filed you will receive an email copy of it.
  • If you registered on two teams and used 2 different emails you will get a second waiver.  
  • We WILL NOT send more than 3 waivers to any one person.  If they cant figure out how to sign it correctly by reading the instruction on the waiver, the additional instructions on the replacement waiver (also in the body of the email requesting the fix), or by viewing the visual instructions below, then there is nothing more I can do to help them....

Do I need to sign a new waiver for each tournament?

  • Yes.  In some rare cases your waiver may carry over from Women's I to Women's II but unless we know ahead of time that you signed one the first weekend before we sent out a second one for the second weekend you will get another waiver.  We do not keep your personal info to cross reference each tournament. 
  • Only 1 waiver is needed per person.  The waivers are not associated with teams, only the person. 

I keep getting a notification from Adobe Sign to sign the waiver..

  • It is set up for daily reminders until you complete it.  
  • If you are not playing simply decline it with that info or email us and we will remove you from roster and cancel the agreement.

What is the deadline to sign the waiver?

  • Every player must have a signed waiver by Friday night at 7pm!  Failure to do so will result in not being able to play. 

Can I print and mail in waiver?

  • NO!  It must be signed online.

See below for how to sign the roster.....

roster & waiver frequently asked questions