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Mens tournament roster & WAIVERS


  • The Roster is due no later than May 15th!  Read all the details below.  Teams that don't provide a complete roster (12 players min) by May 15th will not be allowed to play.  
  • Manager listed on roster is not considered a player.  To play, manager must add themselves as a player.
  • Limited changes will be allowed between 5/15 - 5/19.  No adds after 5/19, 11:59pm PST. 
  • You may only have 20 players on your roster when rosters close on 5/19, 9pm local time.
    • ​​The system will allow you to enter more than 20 players.  I am aware sometimes you have last minute drops  and it is a scramble to get the new player in before the deadline.  I would recommend you recruit a few additional players if you have flakes on your team.  Add them to your roster, everyone on the roster will be sent a waiver, they complete it, and then everyone is ready to go on that level.  You can clean up the roster in time for the 5/15 deadline as needed. It is way easier to just email me to delete someone than 24 prior to the event you are scrambling and begging me to make and exception to change out a player and or stand around registration trying to get them to text you their ID and then sign the waiver.... you all have been there, you know what I am talking about.  Let's not play that game anymore. Just add a few more players (a few, not a half dozen) and prior check in I will make sure you don't exceed 20. ​


Where can I add to the team roster? 

​Rosters are closed.


Where can I see if my players are on the roster?

Click here


Where can I see if my players signed the waiver?
Each player on the roster has been emailed the password to view this.  All errors need to be resolved by May 12th or they will be deleted. 

Click here to view. 


Where can I make changes to my roster?

Rosers are now closed


What if there are errors on the roster?

Possible errors:
INVALID EMAIL - Then this person (not  the team manager, not a friend) THE PERSON ON THE ROSTER with the "Invalid Email" next to their name must email us from their email and include their name, TEAM NAME, and tournament name. Once we get that, we will send them a waiver.

ROSTER PHOTO NEEDED - You need to email us your headshot for the roster, include their name, TEAM NAME, and tournament name.

NEED ID - You need to email us a copy of your VALID ID.  We need to be able to see name, photo, DOB, and expiration date, include their name, TEAM NAME, and tournament name.  

WAIVER ERROR - This means you did not put your full name (MUST MATCH ID) on the waiver form.  If it doesn't match you must re-do it.  If your name is Edward and you put Eddie, it is wrong.  If your name is Juan Garcia and you put Juan, it is wrong.... Click on the black box at the top of this page that says "HOW TO SIGN THE WAIVER CORRECTLY" 

3RD FINAL WAIVER - This means we have already sent you 2 others and after the 3rd if you do not do it right you can't play.  Your name must match ID. If you need help click on the black box at the top of this page that says "HOW TO SIGN THE WAIVER CORRECTLY"

Waivers:  You must sign these to play.  It will automatically send you a reminder every 24 hours until it is complete.  Deadline is May 21, 7pm.  If it is not correctly complete (your name must match your ID on the waiver) then you will not be playing.  No exceptions. 


It will take up to 72 hours AFTER you signed it to review the waiver to see if it is correct.  When we have had a chance to do that it will be updated as completed on the roster. BE PATIENT, we will get to it when we can.  There are far more time sensitive things we need to do first.


Where do I add my team photo or jersey colors to the roster?

Click here


What information is needed for the roster?

Full name as listed on drivers license, Date of Birth, Team Name, and Valid email address for each player, photo ID.  


Photo ID upload required!

  • Each player will need to upload a copy of their valid drivers license for age verification.  The only person to see this will be the tournament director. All photos/personal data is deleted following the tournament. If you are playing in more than 1 tournament of ours you will have to do this for each tournament as we do not save your information. 
  • The only info we need on the license is the photo, full name, & DOB.  Black out additional information. 
  • No valid government issued ID uploaded, you cannot play.  
  • Photo ID uploaded must match the one the player has on the field.  If a player is caught with an ID that does not match the one on the roster the ENTIRE TEAM WILL IMMEDIATELY FORFEIT REMAINDER OF TOURNAMENT. None of the players on the roster will be allowed the following year.






What If players are listed twice on roster?

What If I entered info incorrect on the roster?

  • If you entered it wrong and realized it in the same few hours go ahead and add yourself again. We will assume the second entry is the correct one.
  • If you didnt notice it until a day or so later and have already signed the waiver please just email us the correction otherwise you will be sent another waiver and create redundancy of work for both of us. 

What if I am playing on 2 teams?

  • You need to add yourself to the roster of each team
  • You can not play on more than 2 teams
    • you can not play on two teams in the same division

Why does my name keep disappearing from the roster?

  • Players that had an invalid email will be removed
  • Players that do not meet age requirements will be removed
  • Players that upload a photo other than ID will be removed


How many players can I have on my roster?

  • 20 Max 

How long can we add or make changes to the roster?

  • After the May 15th deadline you will be able to make 5 changes or adds to your roster
  • You can make the changes/adds to the roster online until May 15th
  • To delete someone from the roster you must email or text us a request to do so.  Include your team name, division, tournament (we run 5 a year so don't assume we will know which you are referring to), and players name.
  • No changes or adds to the roster will be allowed after May 19, 9:01pm.
  • No changes or adds to the roster at check in or at the fields.


Waivers - Will be emailed when we are ready to collect that info.

Read the info below BEFORE sending us an email about the waiver.


  • Waivers are sent to each player, one per player.  You do not need to sign multiple waivers to play on multiple teams.  
  • Waivers are not automatically sent when you add your name to the roster.  We must review and verify all info prior to sending the waiver.  Some teams may get waivers all on the same day, some may not.  Be patient, this is a long process for us and your will get your waiver by May 15th. 


We use an online only waiver.   Waivers are NOT automatically sent when name is added to the roster.  If you don't get a waiver by May 15th please notify us.

  • The players full name as listed on ID must be listed on the waiver for us to accept it. 


Why do i keep getting waivers, I already signed it?

  • You may not have completed the signing process correctly.  Once it has been signed and filed you will receive an email copy of it. DO NOT email us a copy.


Do I need to sign a new waiver for each tournament?

  • Yes. 

I keep getting a notification from Adobe Sign to sign the waiver..

  • It is set up for daily reminders until you complete it.  
  • If you are not playing simply decline it with that info or email us and we will remove you from roster and cancel the agreement.


What is the deadline to sign the waiver?

  • Every player must have a signed waiver by Friday night at 7pm!  Failure to do so will result in not being able to play. 

Can I print and mailing waiver?

  • NO!  It must be signed online.