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Recreational & Competitive Soccer Tournaments

Established 1985

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Recreational and Competitive Soccer Tournaments in Las Vegas.  Over 30 Soccer, over 40 soccer, over 50 soccer, over 60 soccer, over 70 soccer, adult soccer, adult soccer tournaments, womens soccer tournaments

Referee information


  • At the end of each game the captain or team manager is to verify the score is recorded correct on the game card.  Verify end score total and team name is correct.  Team representative is to initial the card next to the team name to verify correct score.
  • Scorecards are to be placed in the pocket on the net as soon as game is completed and scores verified. 

Slide tackling only if both teams agree prior to start of game

Games to start ON TIME!  

  • 25 minute halves.  
  • 5 minute halftime

No coin toss.  Home team uses game ball, picks starting side.  Opponent "kick off".

  • Home team to reside on east (towards the strip) sideline, Away team on west sideline.

All players to show ID to match wristband at start of game.

  • Any fake ID to be presented to referee is to be confiscated and the game is an automatic forfeit.  Team is eliminated from remainder of the event.

Onsite Coordinator - Chris Sosa - (702) 910-1913

Minimum Players: All teams must have 7 players to begin each competition at the schedules time of play, on the field, in positions (not standing on sideline).

  • Teams with less than 7 players at the end of 10-minute waiting period will forfeit game.  
  • Opposing team with more than 7 players present on field will be awarded score of 1-0.  Referee to mark on card team with not enough players.

 Players on the Field: Maximum of 5 men and 5 women on the field always. Either gender can take penalty kicks during preliminary rounds. 

  • Must have equal # male/female players on the field at all times* (goalie excluded).
    •  Example: 5 Females/5 Males + goalie of either gender is correct. 
  • 3 Female/5 Males +goalie is NOT ACCEPTABLE. (If playing short and/or Red Card given, genders still need to be balanced).
  • Max of 5 players per gender on the field at once
    • *If a player is ejected from game (red card) team can play uneven number of players on field. 1. Example: Team is playing with 9 players must be a mix of 5/4, not 6/3. T
  • Teams do not have to have equal number of players as the opposing team.
  • Teams that have 6 players of the same gender on the field at any time (goalie excluded) will be penalized 1pt, & player will be red carded. Opposing team should stop playing in protest immediately if this occurs. 

All players must be wearing matching color wristbands to play.

  • Players without a wristband to be ejected immediately.
  • All players listed on online roster.  Teams questioning a player validity, referee to match player wristband with ID and or photo on online roster. 

Tournament Director - Salina Pagan - 702-612-7640