Random questions and answers....

Q - Is this a coed tournament?

A - Yes and no.  We have designed this event to eliminate the gender roles so friends can play with friends and not be judged.  Your team is made up of 8 of this, 2 of that, 6 of those, 4 of us and that is fine.  Maybe your team is 90% this and 10% that, great!  We don't care!  The idea is for everyone to play together.  We don't buy into the theory that just because your are (for example) a woman that you are any less capable of anything a man can do.  Have you heard of the US Women's National Team? The same goes for every other person out there. We believe we are all equal.  We all have the same opportunity to get faster, sharper, and better at whatever we put our mind to. This tournament is open to all who see no boundaries, to those that want a safe place to place, to those that don't want to worry about being judged for being who they are.   

Q - I registered for one of the spring 2020 events, can my registration fee's be used for this event?

A - Yes. 100% of your previously paid registration fees will be applied to any event taking place prior to December 2021.  If there is a difference in fee's balance difference will be due 21 days prior to event. If your team won it's division in 2019 you can use your entry for any fall 2020 event.  

Q - Will this event be held as planned or rescheduled?

A - We certainly hope it's not rescheduled but cannot predict what will be happening at the time.  As of now the local government has said it is ok to proceed and they have granted us permits pending safety.  If it is deemed unsafe to hold this event we will cancel it no later than September 18th.  

Q - If we pay for our team registration and the event gets canceled will we get a refund?
A - 50% team deposit will be required to register your team.  This deposit (or any full payments made) will not be refunded due to cancelation but these funds will be available to use at a future tournament through end of 2022.  The final 50% payment will need to be made by September 20th. 

​Q - What guidelines will you have in place for safety?

​A - We will be following all the rules and guidelines provided to us by the local government on how to stay safe.  At this time (because tournament play is not currently allowed) this is undetermined. However, as soon as they are made available we will post them here and link to the initiating website. 

Q - Will we have to wear a mask to play?

A - If it is required by the local government then it will be required by us as well. All of our safety guidelines will be the same (if not enhanced for extra safety) as the ones that will be outlined to us by the Clark County Parks and Rec Dept.  

Q - Should be be staying at home or going out to enjoy the nice weather?

A - Please stay home, wear a mask when you go out for your necessary items, and wash your hands frequently.  We all want to have fun again, the more you do this the better our chances are to have fun in the fall. ​​

Travel Concerns?

You need to make the decisions that are best for you when it comes to traveling for our events.  We are partnering once again with the Luxor Hotel and Casino for discounted rates.  Additional hotel rates will be posted on our website as they become available to us.  Here are a few other options you might not of considered that you may feel comfortable with as well. 

  • RV Share - This popular website rents RV and such all over the USA.  Rent one and make the trip out with your team.  OR you could rent one locally! Drive to Vegas in your own vehicle and have the RV rental drop off your weekend home in one of the featured RV sites on our website.
  • Airbnb or VRBO.  Not comfortable in a hotel?  Make it a private affair and rent a cozy condo or a baller house and invite the entire team to stay.  Private pool, cheap drinks, what's not to love?
  • Jet Suite X/ JSX - Have you flown this airline?  It is amazing.  under 30 passengers, private airports, top notch snacks and drinks onboard.  Oh and don't tell anyone but they are usually the same price as Southwest Airlines when traveling Burbank, OC, Phoenix to Vegas.. Seattle routes coming soon. 

OCTOBER 3/4, 2020


We are thrilled to announce our first ever gender inclusive tournament where you can be you.  We are "All In", we support you and are ready to celebrate you.  Teams are free to recruit players as they see fit.  Must be human. Must be loving of all genders, loving of non gender specific, and not just tolerant and accepting of others but supporting and loving of all others!   It's time for everyone to rise up and come together, this tournament is to celebrate EVERYONE!  We have nothing but love for all the humans!

 ​Tournament Divisions:

  • Open Division (must be 18+) - Over 30 - Over 40 - Over 50 
    • Age is determined by year, not date.
    • Must be division age (or gift player age) by December 31 to play in that age division.
    • All divisions will allow 5 gift players!  
      • ​Gift players must be within 5 years of division age.  Ex: Over 30 division will allow 5 players 25+.  Player must be the gift age (in this example 25 years old by Dec 31, 2020)
  • All players must be human!
    • ​Male - Female - Non Binary - Trans - Gay - Bisexual - and ALL the other labels... We don't care. Your ability to play a great game has nothing to do with your pronoun preference, sexual orientation, color of your skin, the way you dress and so on.  We are accepting and loving of all (in all our events) but this event doesn't require teams to recruit in any specific manner.  
    • Must not be an asshole.  If you have any issues with any of the above then you are not welcome here.  
  • 11 v 11
    • 20 players MAX per roster
    • Roster due 14 days prior to event
    • No changes to roster allowed after: 10/1
    • Players may play on 2 teams max, must be in different divisions
  • Registration is $1100.
    • ​​​​50% deposit required to guarantee your team acceptance.  Balance remaining will be due September 20th. Read teams on application.
  • Saturday/Sunday tournament
    • Game schedule will be posted 9/30
    • Games start at 7am, end by 9pm both days
    • 4 games guaranteed
    • Game schedule will be announced 1 week prior to event
    • Mandatory team manager check location to be determined
    • Games are (2) 25 minute halves with 5 minute halftime break
  • Games will be played at: James Regional Sports Park
    • All fields are grass
    • Fields are 110 x 55
  • Must have valid Drivers License or Passport for proof of age
  • Winners receive individual awards & discounted team entry in 2021
  • ​No refunds or compensation will be given for cancelations due to weather
  • Teams caught cheating will automatically forfeit the remainder of the tournament and no allowed back the following year. See rules for scoring on forfeit teams.
  • For more general info click on the "Details" page above...​
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All fall events are being planned per guidelines presented by local government.  If it is deemed unsafe to proceed with this event it will be canceled no later than September 18th.

"ALL IN" friendship tournament 

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