• Women's Open (18+), Women Over 30, Women Over 40, Women Over 50
  • Coed Open (18+), Coed Over 25, Coed Over 35, Coed Over 40/45 (women 40/men 45)
  • Registration is open!
  • 11 v 11
  • 20 players MAX per roster
  • Saturday/Sunday tournament
  • Games start by 7am, end by 8pm Saturday/ 6pm Sunday
  • 4 games guaranteed
  • All games are outside on grass
  • No individual check in/ no check in at fields
  • Must have valid Drivers License or Passport for proof of age
  • Must be 18 to play in open division.  
  • Coed divisions must have equal # of male/female players on field (goalie excluded)
  • 25 minute halves
  • Winners receive free team entry in 2020
  • No refunds will be given unless canceled by tournament director
  • Registration is $725
  • Players may play on more than 1 team as long as the they are in separate divisions
  • Mandatory team manager check in (no individual check in) on Friday 11/9
  • Team roster is due 11/1
  • Game schedule will be posted 11/4
  • Teams caught cheating will automatically forfeit remainder of tournament and not allowed back following year.  See rules for scoring details on forfeited teams.
  • No gift players will be allowed only
  • Must be at least 18 years old on tournament date to play!
  • Age is determined by year of birth, not date of birth.
  • Players must be division age (for over 30, must be 30 or turn 30 in 2019)

november 9/10, 2019

6th annual veterans WEEKEND friendship tournament 

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