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Recreational and Competitive Soccer Tournaments in Las Vegas.  Over 30 Soccer, over 40 soccer, over 50 soccer, over 60 soccer, over 70 soccer, adult soccer, adult soccer tournaments, womens soccer tournaments

first timers....

Just a few suggestions to help first time attendees and team organizers

  • read this site!
  • start a Facebook page for your team.  You can make it a private page so only the people you add can see it.  This is a great place to share information with your teammates and keep them all on track in one place.  
  • get creative with your uniforms and team name
  • collect your players $ when they commit!  They are less likely to flake on you if they paid you when you registered. If they flake don't refund them.
  • book your rooms at one of the listed hotels. If you want to stay on the strip our recommendation is the Luxor.
  • If you are flying in and staying on the strip remember the strip resorts charge for parking.
  • Uber and Lyft are 40% cheaper in LV than taxis
  • We rent chairs (must reserve prior to arriving to tournament)
  • There is no shade at this park, bring a shade tent.  
  • There are no water fountains at Silverbowl Soccer Complex, we sell drinks at the tournament directors tent.  There will also be a food truck on site.
  • Newport Soccer Store will be setting up a popup shop at the fields on Saturday all day (Sunday until noon for April tournaments) and selling shorts, jerseys, balls, shin guards, socks, cleats, and more.
  • Outside food/alcohol is not permitted in the park.  
    • ​Food Truck will be onsite
    • Full service bar will be onsite
    • Pre-order "to go" beverage packages available - Includes water, beer, ice, and a cooler. Pick up at fields and be on your way 

General details - each tournament has thier own specific rules... 

Click on the tournament page you are attending to see the rules for your event.

    • must have matching jerseys/shirts with unique numbers or names
    • we encourage team creativity (fun team names, eclectic matching uniforms, etc)
    • replacement wristbands are $10 (cash).  must show ID.  
    • wristbands will be issued at check in.  wristbands are waterproof!
  • AGE
    • To play in any of our tournaments you must be a minimum of 18 years of age on tournament date.  
    • Age divisions (Over 30, Over 40...) You must be the division age in the tournament year to play in that division.  
      • Over 40 division means you must be 40+ or turning 40 in that calendar year. 
      • Age is determined by year not date.
      • Divisions with gift players: gift player must be the gifted age that tournament year.
        • example:  Over 30 division in WFI allows 3 gift players.  This means 3 people that are 27+ or turning 27 in that calendar year can play in this division.  All other players must be 30+. Players turning 30 by 12/31 of that calendar year are not considered a gift player.
        • Each tournament has different rules regarding gift players.  Please see specific tournament page for rules on gift players. Not all tournaments allow gift players.
    • 2 teams max!
    • You may play on more than one team as long as it is a different division.  You cannot play in 3 teams in 1 division.  
    • In the WFII Tournament you can only play on 2 teams if 1 of them is an age based team
    • We will not arrange the game schedule to accommodate your playing on 2 teams.  Please do not ask.
    • plain/smooth bands are allowed
    • large rings need to be removed or wrapped and taped
    • remove earrings
    • hard sided knee (or similar) braces or casts need to be wrapped with soft cover
    • no smart watches or fitness trackers allowed while playing
    • listed first on schedule, furnish game ball and choose starting side
    • opponents will kick off
    • home team changes jersey if opposing team is wearing similar color
    • home team is to reside of east sideline, away team takes west sideline.  (Think of the corner of the strip with MGM and NYNY, The MGM is on the east side of the street, NYNY is on the West side).
    • 25 minute halves, 5 minute half time
    • sun, wind, rain we play
    • in the event lightening is visible and within 15 miles we will stop current game,  game will resume at the end of that day or the following day
    • games stopped or canceled for weather on a Saturday will be resumed at the end of day or rescheduled to resume the following morning (first thing)
    • games stopped on Sunday due to weather will be considered final at time of stoppage or given a tie score if 0-0
    • games will continue as originally scheduled unless you are notified by tournament director otherwise*
    • *example: if the 9am game was stopped/rescheduled due to lightening the 10:15 will still start at 10:15 assuming the lightning has passed
    • all schedule changes/ field changes/ changes due to weather or any other info that we need to get to you immediately will be done via our mobile app (turn notifications on) and Facebook page
    • internet service may not be available at all times during a storm so be sure to check our FB page for immediate info
    • We have a NO REFUND policy
    • Teams that cancel their entry will not be refunded for any payments made.  
    • 95% of the teams in our tournaments travel from out of state to play.  When teams cancel it leaves divisions unbalanced and with the result often being that the other teams have to play someone in their group more than once.  As a courtesy to the other teams in your division if you need to withdraw your team please do so at least 30 days prior so we can open up the spot to team on the wait list. 
    • Teams that cancel their entry 45 days prior to the start of the tournament may (case by case) be allowed to use funds for a future tournament within the same calendar year only. Penalty fee will apply.
    • Teams that are using a Spring 2020 entry payment for a future event can use 100% of those pre-paid funds for any future event in 2022 or 2023.  
      • Once teams choose to apply previous payment to a different tournament they cannot change their mind after they have registered for that event.  If the event you register for is canceled due to local government directives then you will be given another opportunity to use the funds. 
    • Teams that won their division in that tournament the previous year will get 50% off entry fee's for the following years event.  
    • Currently there are no guidelines for spectators other than they need to not be fighting, yelling at referees or opposing teams. Basically, don't be a dick and that is all for now.
  • FIELDS: 
    • See tournament page to determine park location.
    • No animals allowed on fields 
    • No BBQ grills, cooking setups will be allowed
    • No outside food or alcohol will be allowed inside park
    • Full bar will be onsite. Option to pre-order "to go" package available. Include beer, water, ice, and a cooler.
    • Food truck will be onsite.
    • Teams will be designated sidelines for each game. ​ 
    • Home team is to only occupy the East sideline.  Away team is to only occupy the West sideline.
      • Think of the strip... MGM is on the east side of LV Blvd, NYNY is on the west side of the street.
      • Teams are responsible for keeping the sideline trash free.  
      • ANY TEAM leaving trash at the sideline will be penalized 1pt per occurrence.  Referee will inspect sidelines and notate on game card at the completion of each game. ​
      • When your game is over leave the area immediately so the next team can set up.