Frequently asked questions:
Q: How can i view my roster?
 Click here

Q: How can i add our team photo to the roster?
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Q: How can I see my team roster?
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Q: How do I delete a name on my roster?
Email us here, include team name, player name.

Q: Why is my player being deleted from the roster?
A: It can be any of the following reasons, we will not be able to see why once they are deleted but the only way for them to show up again is to re-add them.

  • Player did not upload proper photo... must be government issued ID.  Must have photo/full name/date of birth/valid.
  • Email used with player registered was either incorrect or already used on another player.  
  • YOU CANNOT SIGN A WAIVER FOR ANOTHER PLAYER.  Each player needs his own email address and must sign the waiver himself.  If they don't have email they can get a free one on gmail or yahoo.
  • Does not meet age requirements. 
  • Player was on the roster of a team last year that was kicked out.  Players kicked out in 2019 are not allowed back in 2020.

Q: When will player waivers be sent out?

A: Waivers will start to be sent in the next few weeks

  • Waivers are not automatically sent when a player is added to the roster.  
  • All players will get a waiver no later than January 10th.  Not all players on your roster will get one on the same day.

Q: How can I see if my player signed the waiver?

A: You will not be able you view this information until early January.  There will be plenty of time for you to yell at your mates to sign it.  Relax, it will be fine.

Q: How many players can I have on my roster?
A: Max 20.  The roster will allow you to add more than 20 but you must let us know who to delete BEFORE January 15th so you only have 20. 

  • If you fail to delete players before January 15th then we will randomly delete players for you until there are only 20. You WILL NOT be able to change the players on the roster after January 15.  
  • It is YOUR responsibility to make sure your roster is correct on January 15th.  If you make a mistake we will not be making an exception to change it.  If your player gets injured a few days before we will not make an exception to change it. Make sure you mark a reminder in your calendar to verify it because there are no changes after 1/15. 

Q: When will the schedule be released?
A: January 10th.

  • Games will be played 7am-6pm on Saturday and Sunday.  7am - 2pm on Monday
  • We will not accept game time requests
  • We will not schedule your games so your players can play on 2 teams

Q: How many teams can I play on?
A: 2 max.  

  • Must meet age requirements.
  • Teams must be in different divisions

Q: Are there any gift players allowed?
A: NO.  Player must be division age in 2020 to play

  • Example: If you are playing on over 30 your player must turn 30 by December 31, 2020.

January/February 2021 - Date TBD

silverbowl soccer complex

Email FriendshipSoccer

34th annual mens friendship tournament

Recreational & Competitive Soccer Tournaments

Established 1985

​r Tournaments, womens soccer tournaments, mens soccer tournament

​Friendship Sports 

Recreational and Competitive Soccer Tournaments in Las Vegas.  Over 30 Soccer, over 40 soccer, over 50 soccer, over 60 soccer, over 70 soccer, adult soccer, adult soccer tournaments, womens soccer tournaments


  • Over 21 - Over 30 -  Over 35 - Over 40 - Over 45 - Over 50 - Over 55 - Over 60 
  • Registration to open in late 2020 pending park approval dates 
  • Saturday/Sunday/Monday tournament
    • ​Games start at 7am, end by 9pm. Monday games will end by 2pm.
  • 11 v 11
    • 20 players on roster maximum 
    • 4 games guaranteed 
    • All games are outside on Bermuda Grass
  • Game Schedule will be posted one week prior to the tournament
  • Roster
    • 20 players MAX per roster
    • Must have valid Drivers License/Passport/Residence card for proof of age
    • Players must submit ID photo and email to online roster
    • No gift players
    • Players must be division age anytime in 2021 to play
  • Mandatory Friday Team Manager Check In
  • Winners receive player awards, discounted entry in 2022
  • No refunds for payment will be given for any reason
  • Teams caught cheating will automatically forfeit the remainder of the tournament.  None of the players on the roster will be allowed back the following year. See rules.