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Recreational and Competitive Soccer Tournaments in Las Vegas.  Over 30 Soccer, over 40 soccer, over 50 soccer, over 60 soccer, over 70 soccer, adult soccer, adult soccer tournaments, womens soccer tournaments


Each player is required to have and be wearing their player wristband for all games. No wristband = illegal player.  Read the rules.


Currently there are no guidelines for spectators other than they need to not be fighting, yelling at referees or opposing teams. Basically, don't be a dick and that is all for now.


See tournament page to determine park location.

  • No animals allowed on fields 
  • No BBQ grills, cooking setups will be allowed
  • No outside food or alcohol will be allowed inside park
    • ​Full bar will be onsite. Option to pre-order "to go" package available. Include beer, water, ice, and a cooler.
    • Food truck will be onsite.


Teams will be designated sidelines for each game. ​ 

  • Home team is to only occupy the East sideline.  Away team is to only occupy the West sideline.
    • ​Think of the strip... MGM is on the east side of LV Blvd, NYNY is on the west side of the street.
  • Teams are responsible for keeping the sideline trash free.  
  • ANY TEAM leaving trash at the sideline will bepenalized 1pt per occurrence.  Referee will inspect sidelines and notate on game card at the completion of each game. ​
  • When your game is over leave the area immediately so the next team can set up.


They are posted on the tournament page.  Each event rules may vary, if you attend more than one of our events please make sure you know the rules for that event. 



waivers will not start to be sent out until 30 days prior to your event.


  • Waivers are per person, not team.  Each player must sign the waiver to play
    • The waiver will need to be signed no later than 7pm PST on the prior Friday to play
    • # of teams you play on is irrelevant to the waiver.  You will only get duplicate waivers if you used two different email addresses to add yourself to two different teams.
    • Each player must have their own email address.  One person per email address, multiple family members cannot use the same email for this.
  • Waivers are not sent automatically. It is a manual process for us so please BE PATIENT!  Some teams may get them all in the same hour, some may not.  Sometimes I send them out starting with the beginning of the alphabet, sometimes I send them when I am verifying ID's.... MY point is that if 80% of your team got them and you didn't just be patient.  It will be sent to you as I get to it.  EVERY SINGLE NAME on the roster will get the waiver by Wednesday prior to the event.  
    • If it says you have been sent a wavier, search that date in your email in the junk/spam folder.  It will say from Salina Pagan via Adobe Sign.  If you still cant find it THEN you email me and I will get on it.  
    • If you signed the waiver properly it will automatically email BOTH of us a copy.  Please DO NOT forward me a copy, I will already have it.  If you didn't complete it properly a reminder to sign it will be emailed every 24 hours until it is complete.  Not receiving a copy of the signed waiver in your email is a guarantee it was not completed.  Try again.
    • If you signed it and the roster is not showing it is complete double check the time on when the roster was updated vs when you signed it.  It is not an automatic feed, I must view it to verify you put your name correctly and signed it correctly before I will update the roster to show complete.  So again, please be patient.