​​We were registered and paid for a spring 2020 tournament that was postponed.  Can we use that payment for a future tournament.  

  • Yes!  Emails have been sent to team managers. All previous payments will be able to be used as a credit for any tournament until June 2022.  

Will we be refunded for a previous payment?

  • No. Per the tournament application we do not issue refunds.
  • Your payment (for a spring 2020 event only) can be able to be applied to any future tournament through June 2022.

My team won it's division in 2019 and we didn't get to play in the spring...

Your team can register for any event in fall 2020 as a replacement to the spring event.  If your team wishes to wait until 2021 to play your team will be issued a $300 credit towards a 2021 tournament entry.  

COVID-19 safety 

9/15/21 Update - November Tournament!

In order to best protect all of the players in this event we will be requiring proof of vaccination or negative Covid-19 test 48 hours prior to play.  

  • Players will be able to submit proof of vaccination at the same time they add themselves to the roster. No additional steps needed.  
  • For those that have not received the vaccination you will need to provide proof of negative PCR or Antigen Covid-19 test IN PERSON at the Friday check in.  
    • We will NOT accept copies of your negative test via email or text message at any point. THIS MUST BE DONE IN PERSON, by the player, on Friday.  Team manager CAN NOT do this for the team..  Each person will need to present a printed copy or show on their phone the negative test results alongside ID.  

All of the safety guidelines as listed below are subject to change to stay 100% compliant with the current state of nevada guidelines for sports events 


Masks are REQUIRED TO BE WORN by ALL participants/attendees at ALL TIMES when they are not actively engaged in play, including but not limited to; walking to the complex/parking lot to the fields, and when leaving fields to their cars, restrooms, common areas, etc.  To make it easy for you, IF YOU AREN'T ON THE FIELD AND PLAYING YOU NEED TO BE WEARING YOUR MASK OVER YOUR MOUTH AND NOSE.  

  • You must abide by this rule to attend this private event, we have the right to turn anyone away for any reason, this being the most important one.  If you are not wearing a mask you must leave.  Your team (regardless if you are a player or spectator) may be penalized and ejected if we must tell you twice. 

  • Masks are to be provided by individuals attending the event.  Tournament staff will be selling washable/re-usable masks at the info booth.

SANITIZER.  Each team will need to supply enough hand sanitizer for their participants and spectators for the entire weekend. 

  • Teams are responsible for sanitizing balls, see game rules.  Referee to verify with each team before start of play

  • Goal posts.  Goalies are encouraged to spray sanitize these at the completion of each game. On-site referees will have sanitizer at the field that can be used for this.

  • Additional sanitizer (for hands) will be placed throughout the facility for all to use.  

  • Additional sanitizer (for equipment) will be available for use upon request by asking on site field staff.  We will be using state approved sanitization products that require 5-minute contact for full protection, please be aware of contact time on label for proper use.  

Field Entrance – Exit
There are designated entrances and exits to each field pod.  Enter only through the entrance, exit only through the exit.  Each entrance/exit will be monitored by an onsite field representative.  Only those with proper credentials will be allowed in the field pod areas.  

  • All entrances and exits will be clearly marked.  Field map will also show entrance/exit for easy reference. 

  • Teams may not enter the field area more than 15 minutes prior to the start of their game.  On site field monitors will enforce this. If previous team has exited the area prior to 15 minutes, then incoming team will be allowed to enter early. 

  • Teams must leave the fields immediately following completion of match. On site field referee will enforce this is done in no more than 15 minutes. 

  • It is important that you collect your belongings and leave the field in a timely manner as the incoming team can’t enter until you have left the area. 

  • If you are not registered on or with a team that is on the field then you can not be on that fields sidelines.  

Per our agreement with the State of NV regulations department, who approve being able to hold this event, only one spectator per registered player will be allowed.

  • A spectator is a human (adult or child) that is designated by the team (or player) that may join them on the sideline for that teams games only!  

  • Spectators (and players) can not be on the sidelines for games that are not associated with the team they are registered with.  

  • Each spectator must complete the screening questioner, just like the players, prior to being issued credentials to enter.    

  • Details on how to register spectators will be tournament specific.  Please review the tournament rules for which you desire to attend for more information on how to register as a team spectator. 

  • Children -We recommend you leave your child at home.  If you bring your child (anyone UNDER 18) they must remain in your presence at all times. They can’t roam the park without the adult they belong to. 

  • Children will also need to be screened and pre-registered just like everyone else onsite.   

  • Dogs - we all love them and want them around but COVID rules say no.  The furry friends are not allowed at this time per the guidelines we have agreed to, to be able to hold this event.  If, as a player or spectator, you require a service animal we advise you to sit out this year as we can't allow it.  We don't have the approval or ability to verify validity of service animal documents. It's a HARD NO on animals until we go back to the risk free life.

Prior to Play – While Playing – After Playing

  • Teams may not enter the scheduled field pod to play, more than 15 minutes prior to scheduled game (if departing team has vacated prior to the 15 minutes, teams can enter their sideline early). 

  • Teams will be designated a specific side of the field to use for personal set up.  Home team occupies the East sidelines, Away team occupies the west sideline.

  • No community seating will be provided

  • Teams are required to bring their own sanitizers, masks, personal protection items. 

  • Sideline substitutes are advised to wear a mask and must maintain 6ft of social distance between teammates and other participants on the sidelines.

  • No team pre-match walkout

  • No pre-post-match handshakes/high fives/hugs/kisses or anything else that requires touching.

  • Team manager is responsible for monitoring social distancing from sidelines.

    • Keep equipment/personal items/chairs 6’ apart.  

    • Those not residing in the same dwelling must be distanced by 6’ on the sidelines. 

  • ​Teams need to leave the fields as soon as reasonably possible after completion of the game.  Must be off fields and out of the pods no later than 15 minutes after completion.  Following teams may not enter until entire fields are empty.  

  • All games will be spread out with 30 minutes in between to ensure limited number of participants in field pods at any given time will not exceed State of NV requirements. 

  • No spectating of other matches on sidelines will be allowed.  Must be registered with a team currently playing on that field to be on that sideline.

  • Teams are required to provide their own ball and are responsible for properly disinfecting as necessary.  

  • Players should avoid referees by 6ft. 

  • When speaking with referees pre/post match wear your mask. 

All participants need to respect the 6’ rule.  When talking to tournament staff, when seeing your buddy from another team, when waiting in line for the restroom, all of it.  SIX FEET SOCIAL DISTANCE AT ALL TIMES.  

Warm up/Relaxation areas – Due to the obvious and the guidelines as stated here you are limited to the amount of time you can warm up on the field.  

There is a large grass area (James Regional) for teams to use outside the field pods.  In this area you must maintain proper social distancing from those not residing in your household. 

Dogs - we all love them and want them around but COVID rules say no.  The furry friends are not allowed at this time per the guidelines we have agreed to, to be able to hold this event.  If, as a player or spectator, you require a service animal we advise you to sit out this year as we can't allow it.  We don't have the approval or ability to verify validity of service animal documents. It's a HARD NO on animals until we go back to the risk free life. 

  • At James Regional Park this is a permanent rule.  At no time will animals be allowed at this facility.
  • Leave your dogs, cats, goats, etc. at home. 

All participants should follow the guidelines below to protect against infections.

  • Wash your hands with disinfectant soap and water for at least 30 seconds

  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick

  • Avoid touching your face

  • Stay home if you are sick

  • Cover coughs/sneezes with a tissue and throw directly in a trash container.

  • Disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces

  • Wear a face mask for added protection

  • Avoid sharing food, drinks, towels

  • Wear a clean uniform to each match

  • Use adequate field space for social distancing 

The Bottom Line – We aren’t putting up with any nonsense!

  • We have no interest in being the social distance police but if need be, we will be.  

  • We do not want to penalize teams for not following these guidelines, but we will. 

  • We don’t want to be the wear a mask police, but we will be.

  • You are legally an adult if you are playing in this event.  Don't act a fool and play around, be a responsible adult.

  • Don't waste your energy fighting the rules, use that energy for good like spreading compliments, positivity, love.....  Don't go on a 5 minute rant to us about wearing the mask or being 6' apart, nobody wants to hear it. We get it, nobody wants to do these things, they aren't fun, but until this virus is gone it's how we roll and we will be doing our part to keep everyone safe

  • But what if we are already vaccinated? Congratulations!  Thank you for doing that and helping stop the virus. We (staff) have also been vaccinated but we are still following the rules and are happy to do so for as long as it takes. 

Frequently asked questions:

below is the general rules for our events in these pandemic times.  to. see the specific GUIDELINES FOR YOUR EVENT, VIEW THE RULES DOCUMENT ON THE PAGE OF THE TOURNAMENT YOU ARE ATTENDING.​ 

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