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Recreational and Competitive Soccer Tournaments in Las Vegas.  Over 30 Soccer, over 40 soccer, over 50 soccer, over 60 soccer, over 70 soccer, adult soccer, adult soccer tournaments, womens soccer tournaments

COVID-19 safety 

All of the safety guidelines as listed below are subject to change to stay 100% compliant with the State of Nevada guidelines for sports events.  



It is not required that you are vaccinated to play, It IS REQUIRED (if you are not vaccinated) you will have to take a Covid Test prior to being allowed to play. Your vaccination card will need to be uploaded to the roster when registering your player info.  Players not vaccinated will need to provide negative test results ON FRIDAY at check in ONLY. Please READ THE TOURNAMENT RULES for all the information on what is required at your event. 

If you are looking for a place to get vaccinated here are a few resources. 

California residents vaccination.
All US vaccination sites


If you are not vaccinated you will be required to take a Covid-19 test prior to arriving at the tournament. READ THE RULES DOCUMENT for your event to see all specific information on what tests are acceptable.  Negative test results must be shown IN PERSON on FRIDAY AT CHECK IN ONLY.  There will be no option to do this after Friday.  Not checking in with negative test results on Friday by 7pm means you will not be playing.  This can not be done on Saturday at the fields. 

Specifics for time frame of Covid testing requirements will be determined as the tournament nears. Depending on current climate (accessibility of testing, positivity rates etc) will determine exact time frame requirements.  Tests will be required to be administered anywhere from as early as 72 hours or as late as 48 hours prior to Friday check in.  Each tournament may vary.  Exact time frame will be announced in the tournament rules for that event no later than 14 days prior to start of event. 

To find a testing site in California click here..

To find a testing site outside of California click here...

Masks are currently mandated in all indoor places in Nevada.  We will be masked up as we will be dealing with 2,000 people, and if you want to mask up then we encourage you to do so as well.  We will have extra masks at the tent if you choose when you arrive that you want one and don't have one. 

SANITIZER.  Each team will need to supply enough hand sanitizer for their participants and spectators for the entire weekend. 

  • Teams are responsible for sanitizing balls, see game rules. 


At this time there are no rules around having spectators.  If this changes per local guidelines then we will update it here. At this time we will not be requiring proof of negative vaccine for spectators.  Again, if things change locally so will this to be in compliance at all times.  

All participants should follow the guidelines below to protect against infections.

  • Wash your hands with disinfectant soap and water for at least 30 seconds

  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick

  • Avoid touching your face

  • Stay home if you are sick

  • Cover coughs/sneezes with a tissue and throw directly in a trash container.

  • Disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces

  • Wear a face mask for added protection

  • Avoid sharing food, drinks, towels

  • Wear a clean uniform to each match

  • Use adequate field space for social distancing