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Rescheduled due to covid-19

Frequently asked questions:

This virus won't ruin our fun, it is just going to delay it a little bit.  We have packed away the merchandise, banners, prizes, and have it all ready to go as soon as we all get back to our new normal.  

We are completely dependent upon the parks and rec department to be able to reschedule the April, Women's and May, Coed Events. Once they are able to grant permits for events and have given us the dates and fields we can use we will lock it down and announce it here, there, and everywhere in between. We will continue on with the November event as is and scheduling the other three events sometime after Labor Day Weekend and Early December (dates pending park approval).


When will the new dates be announced?

  • We can't answer this.....
  • We have applied for 10 different weekends ranging from September through early December.  When the parks department has returned to work they will need to do their work to determine who is granted what permits, dates, and fields before we can do our work.

Will we be refunded?

  • At this time NO. Please read on....
  • Your payment WILL be able to be applied to a future tournament.

We were forced to postpone these events due to the current situation.  This is a completely uncontrollable and unpredictable situation we continued business as usual in early February before this all became a real situation in the USA.  This means that everything was paid for (as usual) in preparation for these events.....So on top of having a ton of merchandise & other stuff that we can't use right now or get refunded on, the other challenges include "office closed until further notice" and so on... Do you see where I am going here? 

We are a small nonprofit business that has been hit very hard here but it won't stop us.  We have applied several ways for relief, which is extremely hard to get right now, but we will continue to try. 

How will we be notified of new dates?
It will be posted here, on all of our social media, and emailed to everyone registered.    

What are the potential reschedule dates?

Every weekend after Labor Day until early December is a possibility at this point.  We applied for all the weekends because there are several factors involved.....

We are at the mercy of the parks dept here.  We are also not the only business that needs to reschedule.  Every local event was canceled, they will all be requesting dates just like us.....
Once granted potential weekends we will make decisions on what dates the tournaments will take place based on the field locations available, number of fields we are allowed to use based on whatever the new rules are for gathering, etc etc etc.  


In the past the parks require us apply for permits no later than May 1 for permits ranging from August - December, with approval or denial letters being sent until sometime in August which is why the registration never opens until September for the November tournament.... With this happening we don't know when they will re-open, we don't know if they will get a jump on it and work fast to accommodate everyone and let us know earlier than usual.  We simply don't know anything.....

Women's I & Women's II

  • If you are registered in either of these tournaments you will be able to choose from potentially 3 different weekends in 2020. 
  • The difference in these two events is that one has competitive divisions and age divisions and the other has only age divisions.  

Assuming we are granted several weekend options to hold these we will plan accordingly.  

The best case scenario is that we could hold them about 3-4 weeks apart giving most of the age based teams 3 different weekend options to attend (Women's I, Women's II, or the November tournament). 
You can choose whichever of the three weekends that suits your team best.

Women's I was scheduled to be at Silver Bowl and Women's II at James Regional, will this be the same when rescheduled?
No clue.... Until we have park permits we can't answer this.

Will there be a price difference?
No clue.  If the events remain at the initially planned parks then no.  If they are at different parks then there could be a possible partial refund/credit issued or potential additional fee (if moving to the nicer parks).  Again, we can't answer this right now.  If given the opportunity to move the Women's I to the nicer parks we will certainly do that though.  Our goal for is for all events to be at the nicer parks, we just aren't in charge of who is granted permits where and when.

What if my team can't make it to any of the postponed tournaments?

  • We will cross that bridge when we come to it.  We don't know what is to come in the fall, until then we won't speculate.
  • When we have solid dates we will provide all the options available at that time (future credit, refund, sponsor a team donation program).  
  • If our events can't be rescheduled for fall/winter 2020 we will re-evaluate the credit/refund option at that time.  Until then we patiently wait (inside our homes and constantly washing our hands).

We were registered in the Coed Tournament (May 2020) when is this being postponed to?

  • We can't answer this right now..... As soon as we can we will let you know.
  • We intend to reschedule this tournament on its own and not combine it with the November tournament.  
  • There are coed divisions in the November tournament, you can use your registration fee for the rescheduled event OR the November event.  When dates have been set you can make your choice. 

Will the November tournament still happen?

  • YES!!!........Assuming we are back to a new regular life then yes, we are continuing as planned for that same weekend (November 7/8).
  • Registration for this event will start in August (permits dependent).

Luckily as a newer established tournament we have room to expand the number of teams in this event.  We will add additional age groups to accommodate the groups left out from the spring events. Once permits are solidified we will update that info on our website. 

  • We will most likely also add some women's skill based divisions here (like women's II) to give the registered WFII teams two options to choose from.  
  • Coed divisions in this event will also be expanded to include additional age divisions to give the May attendees another option. 

What is the plan for each of the re-scheduled events?

  • Thank you for asking, we have no clue until we have answers from the parks...
  • There are unlimited numbers of options for us here but until I have solid answers we are just brainstorming.... In a perfect rainbow and unicorn world there will still be 2 Women's events, Coed, and the November (women & coed) tournament all in the fall. They will all be played at the nice new parks, and the weather will be amazing.  This is what we have asked the universe to grant us so for now we wait and see what happens. We will continue to be hopeful and dream big!

How do the parks determine who gets permits, when, and where?

  • Great question. We can't answer this either.  They have their own work process that we are not a part of:)
  • We LOVE the people that work hard in the parks department.  We have known them for many years!  They may change every few years but we are always here.

When the parks department goes back to work they will have hundreds of permit requests to sort through and will issue permits as they can. Luckily we have been around for 34 years, we have established annual events in these facilities, and as a small nonprofit women owned business we hope we will be prioritized and granted dates we have requested.  

Salina, are there any other details you can share with me?
I WISH!!  
The only thing I can report on for sure is that I will be at least 20lbs heavier at the end of this home quarantine.

There are just no answers right now.  I can't do anything without answers from anyone else. It is extremely frustrating and my business is at a total stand still at this moment. What I can say is....

  • We will come though this!
  • We will grow larger and add more events.
  • We had a new tournament in the works for fall of this year that we were excited to announce that has been placed on hold until 2021.

Las Vegas is taking a HUGE hit as a city, 1/3 of the city works in the hotel - tourism - entertainment industry...  When these events do finally take place rooms/travel should be VERY affordable!

Our tournaments will continue (hopefully soon after labor day weekend)!

Friendship Soccer Tournaments are not going away! My dad started these in 1985, when he had his stroke it was uncertain what would happen. I made sure that they continued on and have been working tirelessly the past 8 years to make them bigger and better and this won't stop me! If anything this has given me the motivation to do more with these events.  There are so many ideas I have wanted to see brought to life at these tournaments, with this down time it has given me the time to apply for sponsors and grants to make some of them come true.  Fingers crossed this turns out a blessing in disguise.  Stay safe!  Thank you for your patience, Salina!