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stay in. wear your mask. wash up!

due to covid-19 we had to postpone all 2020 spring events

Frequently asked questions:

We have been approved by the Clark County Parks and Rec to plan events for the fall.  These events will only take place if deemed safe by local government officials. Please see each tournament page for details for that event. 

​​We were regisitered and paid for a spring tournament that was postponed.  Can we use that payment for a future tournament.  

  • Yes!  Emails have been sent to team managers. 

Will we be refunded for a previous payment?

  • No. Please read on....
  • Your payment can be able to be applied to a future tournament (fall 2020, or any event in 2021).

What are the potential reschedule dates?
The dates are now posted.

Women's I was scheduled to be at Silver Bowl and Women's II at James Regional, will this be the same when rescheduled?
We have decided to just postpone the Women's I & II until 2021.  We will not know (as usual) what park permits we will get in 2021.  Our hope is to hold all events at James Regional Sports Park but it is not up to us.  As soon as we know it will be posted on the tournament page. 

Will there be a price difference?
Possibly.  If your initial event was planned for Silver Bowl Park and the new event you want to attend is at James Regional then most likely yes. This answer is specific to each event. 

What if my team can't make it to any of the postponed tournaments?

  • We will apply your previous payment to any event in fall of 2020 or any event in 2021.  Teams managers have been sent info regarding their event.

We were registered in the Coed Tournament (May 2020) when is this being postponed to?

  • We have rescheduled the event for 2021
  • Teams can opt to use the previously paid May fees for any of the fall events or any event in 2021.

My team won it's division in 2019 and we didn't get to play in the spring...

Your team can register for any event in fall 2020 as a replacement to the spring event.  If your team wishes to wait until 2021 to play your team will be issued a $300 credit towards a 2021 tournament entry.  Women's I O55, O60, O65, O70 teams have automatically be been pre-registered in the 2021 event as those divisions are not options in the fall events.

Will the November tournament still happen?

  • YES!!!........Assuming we are back to a new regular life then yes, we are continuing as planned for that same weekend (November 7/8).
  • Registration for this event will start July 20th.

Luckily as a newer established tournament we have room to expand the number of teams in this event.  We will add additional age groups to accommodate the groups left out from the spring events. Once permits are solidified we will update that info on our website. 

  • We will most likely also add some women's skill based divisions here (like women's II) to give the registered WFII teams two options to choose from.  
  • Coed divisions in this event will also be expanded to include additional age divisions to give the May attendees another option. 

    Salina, are there any other details you can share with me?
    I WISH!!  
    The only thing I can report on for sure is that I will be at least 20lbs heavier at the end of this home quarantine.

These are the answers we have right now.  As soon as I can fill in the blanks I will, and I do (by updating the website) until then I wait patiently like everyone else.

  • We will come though this!
  • We will grow larger and add more events.

Travel Ideas for the fall...

Deciding to travel can be a hard thing to figure out.  Here are few ideas that might make you more comfortable when the time comes.

  • Instead of booking a hotel dust off the old RV or check out RV Share and stay in an RV park
  • Fly JSX, avoid the large airports

Friendship Soccer Tournaments are not going away! My dad started these in 1985, when he had his stroke it was uncertain what would happen. I made sure that they continued on and have been working tirelessly the past 8 years to make them bigger and better and this won't stop me! If anything this has given me the motivation to do more with these events.  There are so many ideas I have wanted to see brought to life at these tournaments, with this down time it has given me the time to apply for sponsors and grants to make some of them come true.  Fingers crossed this turns out a blessing in disguise.  Stay safe!  Thank you for your patience, Salina!