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Recreational  & Competitive Soccer Tournaments

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Recreational and Competitive Soccer Tournaments in Las Vegas.  Over 30 Soccer, over 40 soccer, over 50 soccer, over 60 soccer, over 70 soccer, adult soccer, adult soccer tournaments, womens soccer tournaments

Check in process - All tournaments

  • team manager (or designated person) will check in entire team.  No individual check in.
  • check in is Friday 2-7pm at Siena Suites adjacent to the soccer fields
  • each player must be on roster by 7pm on Friday to be eligible to check in and play
  • each player must agree and sign online liability waiver by Friday prior to tournament
  • players must have valid drivers license or passport, NO EXCEPTIONS
  • must wear wristband for entire weekend
  • replacement wristbands are $5, must provide ID for new wristband
  • cannot play without wristband, taped or altered wristbands are not allowed, player will be ejected
  • ​no changes/adds to the roster can be made after Friday 7pm check in

Check in location (Friday only)

  • Siena Suites 6555 Boulder Highway, 89122
  • Check in is located in the conference room next to the north pool
  • Use entrance on Russell Road (behind Jack in the Box) 
  • 2pm - 7pm for all tournaments


    • must have matching jerseys/shirts with numbers
    • we encourage team creativity (fun team names, eclectic matching uniforms, etc)
    • replacement wristbands are $5 (cash).  must show ID.  
    • wristbands will be issued at check in.  wristbands are waterproof!
    • plain/smooth bands are allowed
    • large rings need to be removed or wrapped and taped
    • remove earrings
    • hard sided knee (or similar) braces or casts need to be wrapped with soft cover
    • listed first on schedule, furnish game ball and choose starting side
    • opponents will kick off
    • home team changes jersey if opposing team is wearing similar color
    • 25 minute halves, 5 minute half time
    • sun, wind, rain we play
    • in the event lightening is visible and within 15 miles we will stop current game,  game will resume at the end of that day or the following day
    • games stopped or canceled for weather on a Saturday will be resumed at the end of day or rescheduled to resume the following morning (first thing)
    • games stopped on Sunday due to weather will be considered final at time of stoppage or given a tie score if 0-0
    • games will continue as originally scheduled unless you are notified by tournament director otherwise*
    • *example: if the 9am game was stopped/rescheduled due to lightening the 10:15 will still start at 10:15 assuming the lightning has passed
    • all schedule changes/ field changes/ changes due to weather or any other info that we need to get to you immediately will be done via our mobile app (turn notifications on) and Facebook page
    • internet service may not be available at all times during a storm so be sure to check our FB page for immediate info
    • find our mobile app in the app store on iTunes/android store, search Friendship Soccer