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registration opens spring 2023!

This event is for Good Humans only! 
Women - Men - Non Binary - Trans - all persons identifying as human welcome! 
We don't care how your team is made up of as this is a gender non specific event.  You want to bring a team of all one gender, great. You want to bring a team made up of 7-5-3-2-2-1 different identifying people, awesome!  You do you and we support you.
If your team or anyone on it has symptoms of racism or homophobia then you are not welcome here.  Truth be told you are not welcome at any of our events. 
This is a new unique new event providing a welcoming tournament for anyone and any team that is looking to play with like minded humans.

OCtober 21/22, 2023

James regional Sports park 

 ​Tournament Divisions:

  • Gender non specific divisions: Over 21 - Over 30 - Over 40 
  • Men's Over 30 - Men's Over 40 - Men's Over 50 - Men's Over 60
    • Age is determined by year, not date.
    • Must be division age by December 31 in tournament year to play in that age division.
      • ​Over 21 allows 3 players 18+ (must be 18 by 9/21), 27+ in over 30 and so on..
    • All players must provide proof of full vaccination or negative covid test
    • When division is sold out it will be listed as "SOLD OUT"
    • *Divisions that have less than 4 teams by October 1 (3 weeks prior) may allow additional gift players (up to 6) to keep division in tact.  If your team is registered for a division that does not have 4 teams by 10/1 and we still can't make it work with 6 gift players the division will be canceled and we will refund you in full. 
  • 11 v 11
    • 20 players MAX per roster
    • Complete roster due by October 12, 2023
    • No changes to roster allowed after October 15, 2023
    • Players may play on 2 teams max, must be in different divisions, must meet age req
  • Saturday/Sunday tournament
    • Games start at 7am, end by 9pm both days
    • 4 games guaranteed
    • Game schedule will be announced October 13
    • Mandatory team manager check in is Friday 2pm-7pm. Closes promptly at 7pm.
  • Registration opens late April 2023
    • $1,400 entry fee
    • Deposit of $500 is required at time of application to reserve your teams entry into the event. Balance of $900 is due no later than September 19th.  Teams that do not pay balance by deadline will forfeit entry and all previous paid deposits without refund.
  • Games will be played at: James Regional Sports Park
    • All fields are grass
    • Fields are 110 x 55
  • Must have valid Drivers License or Passport for proof of age
  • Winners receive individual awards & discounted (50% off) team entry in 2024
  • Teams caught cheating will automatically forfeit the remainder of the tournament and no allowed back the following year. See rules for scoring on forfeit teams.
  • No refunds or compensation will be given for cancelations due to weather or no show teams.
    No refunds will be given to teams that register and drop out of the event for any reason. Any payment made at time of registration can not be used towards a future event, you will surrender 100% of payment if you cancel.

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